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Spanish Verb Games

- Resources for Spanish Teachers -

Welcome to what is quickly becoming one of the most exciting
and useful resources for Spanish instructors on the web!

FREE Spanish Verb Games

burrito builder

What is Available For Schools & Teachers?

  • Instructor Training Kit - Provides training and teaching concepts for teachers using the Visual Link Spanish™ method to provide optimal results.  The Instructor Training Kit includes many necessary and useful items for teaching the Visual Link™ methodology.
  • Lesson Plans - General outline for teaching the Visual Link Spanish™ learning system
  • Online Testing Center - SpanishScore.com - Provides the perfect solution to keeping track of grades
  • Mini-Manual - Perfect study material for each student
  • Overhead Transparencies or PowerPoint Presentation - Supplements for teaching using the Visual Link Spanish™ method
  • Classroom Workbook - Perfect for classroom assignments or homework
  • The Level I Visual Link Spanish™ Course - Discount pricing available for schools

For more information about the products above or to make a purchase,
please call Toll Free 1-866-9SPANISH (1-866-977-2647) or email Kayleen directly.

How To Get The Games

Try out one of our verb conjugation games that will provide in-depth practice of "AR", "ER" and "IR" verbs that cover five major tenses games now in our "Test-Drive Area" above. These games will be available to any Spanish teacher and their students. Teachers can also use the interactive games as assignments and have students print and turn in their scores.

The games and lessons are absolutely free to all Spanish instructors and their students. However, there is one small catch - you can only get everything for free after you have created a link to www.learnspanishtoday.com on your school or classroom website. Creating a link is simple - all you have to do is click on the "link to our site" button below and 'copy and paste' the code provided directly on to your web site. By you creating this link, it helps our company stay commercially viable and be able to continually provide new and updated material.

To sign up for the games, e-mail david.clark@learnspanishtoday.com for instructions.