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ER Ending Verbs

All ER ending verbs (that are regular) will have conjugation done in this way for present, past and future conditions. Some regular ER ending verbs are listed below these charts.

Present Tense drop -ER ending and add:
I yo -o vender (to sell) = > yo vendo (I sell)
you (informal) tu -es tu vendes (you sell)
you (formal) usted -e ud. vende (you sell)
we nosotros -emos nosotros vendemos (we sell)
you (informal) vosotros -éis vosotros vendéis (you all/they sell)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -en uds. venden (you all/they sell)

Past Tense drop -ER ending and add:
I yo vender (to sell) = > yo vendí (I sold)
you (informal) tu -iste tu vendiste (you sold)
you (formal) usted -ió ud. vendió (you sold)
we nosotros -imos nosotros vendimos (we sold)
you (informal) vosotros -isteis vosotros vendisteis (you all/they sold)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -ieron uds. vendieron (you all/they sold)

Future Tense drop -ER ending and add:
I yo -eré vender (to sell) = >yo venderé (I will sell)
you (informal) tu -erás tu venderás (you will sell)
you (formal) usted -erá ud. venderá (you will sell)
we nosotros -eremos nosotros venderemos (we will sell)
you (informal) vosotros -eréis vosotros venderéis (you all/they will sell)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -erán uds. venderán (you all/they will sell)

absorber to absorb aprehender to apprehend
aprender to learn barrer to sweep
beber to drink comer to eat
cometer to commit compeler to compel
comprender to understand conceder to concede
contester to answer correr to run
creer to believe deber to owe / to have to
depender to depend esconder to hide
exceder to exceed leer to read
meter to insert poseer to own / possess
preparer to prepare prender to switch on
proceder to proceed prometer to promise
romper to break sorprender to surprise
tejer to weave temer to fear
toser to cough