Spanish Sentences

If you want to learn how to build Spanish sentences then let us show you. In about 30 minutes, we'll teach you how to build 480 different Spanish sentences all on your own with the help of our free, interactive Spanish lessons. Most Spanish instruction courses teach you a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules before they ever teach you how to put what you've learned into complete Spanish sentences. Only the Visual Link® Spanish course instructs you with words in patterns. These patterns are used to build 480 different Spanish sentences within 30 minutes of the first lesson. Start your free lessons today and see how it works.

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Spanish Sentences

Customer Testimonial

"Buenos Dias!!! I had to let you know how much I am enjoying my Spanish course!!! I am a Winter Texan, 6 months in Canada and 6 in South Texas. I have been visiting Texas for 21 years and have always wanted to be able to speak the language. I tried the Berlitz course and always found myself becoming bored very quickly. Obviously, I have the basic knowledge of Spanish, but was always unable to put sentences together. I received your course five days ago, and have spent a half hour a day studying. I am only on lesson 3 and already am able to communicate with my Spanish friends. They are absolutely amazed at how well I am doing in such a short time. Your course is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so much."
~ Bev Bolianaz

Learning in Sentences Increases Your Ability to Recall Spanish

Studies have been done showing that Spanish learning is enhanced if words are learned in the context of sentences and phrases. Doing so helps you to remember what you've learned longer because you have more context supporting each word. The best part about learning to speak Spanish in complete sentences is that you are constantly able to communicate more because you have more Spanish sentences to use in different situations. Being able to do this spontaneously leads to fluency, which is the goal most people set for themselves when learning a new language.

Our lessons are divided into themes about different aspects of everyday life. As you learn each theme, we'll teach you sentences to help you express yourself, ask and answer questions. This way you can offer help or get help for any situation. Our Level I course will teach you these sentences in 13 major themes. Try them out now and begin learning Spanish!

Watch our "Magic Behind the Method" demo to See How We Teach You to Build Sentences.

Magic Behind the Method - Building Spanish Sentences
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