Learn Spanish in the Car

Do you have a long commute to work? Well now you can learn Spanish in the car with Visual Link Spanish®! The Level 1 and other courses come with audio CDs which review what you have learned with the Spanish software lessons. If you wish, you can download the CDs onto your iPod or other mp3 device so you can learn Spanish in the car, while you're exercising, and whenever you want, really. The Visual Link® Spanish program is an incredibly unique and effective approach to learning Spanish. We use fun and interactive lessons to help you learn Spanish in a variety of ways.

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Learn Spanish in the Car

Customer Testimonial

"I was apprehensive about purchasing this program so I opted for the free trial online and the CD-ROM. I'm so thankful for those options because after trying them several times, I figured I would only gain more knowledge from the complete course and the monthly installment plan was a wonderful incentive. My teenage daughter has been taking Spanish classes going into her fourth year and I have to say that since getting the complete course a little over 4 weeks ago and practicing when I can, (single working mom of six) I can actually ask her questions and respond in Spanish!!! Also in my department at work a few co-workers have heard me practicing on my lunch and when we receive a Spanish callers they actually transfer the customers to me!!! I have gladly recommended the course to several co-workers and friends. Gracias."
~ Candy

Learning Wherever and Whenever You Want

Are you a gym rat? Do you spend an an hour or more everyday exercising? Do you usually just listen to music? Why not mix it up and learn Spanish as you are on the treadmill or pumping iron? How many minutes or hours do you spend in the car everyday? Why not learn Spanish in the car as well? If you download the audio CDs onto your iPod or other mp3 device, you will probably find some time each day to review the Spanish lessons wherever and whenever you are.

Watch our Methodology demo and discover the Secret Behind Our Method

Learn Spanish in the Car - Method Tour
Best of luck to you as you learn Spanish in the minutes of your day that you can spare!

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